Mission and Goals - Charles River Watershed Association
Protecting, preserving and enhancing the Charles River and its watershed through science, advocacy and the law.
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One of the country's oldest watershed organizations, Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA) was formed in 1965 in response to public concern about the declining condition of the Charles. Since its earliest days of advocacy, CRWA has figured prominently in major clean-up and watershed protection efforts, working with government officials and citizen groups from 35 Massachusetts watershed towns from Hopkinton to Boston. Initiatives over the last four decades have dramatically improved the quality of water in the watershed and fundamentally changed approaches to water resource management.

While CRWA’s mission focuses on the Charles River, the implications and applicability of our science-based work go far beyond the watershed’s boundaries. Much of CRWA’s work is cutting edge and therein lies our unique strength and effectiveness: we use our scientific knowledge of the Charles to develop innovative, workable solutions to watershed problems. This knowledge allows CRWA not only to advocate persuasively for outcomes, but also to partner with government agencies and other environmental groups to protect the natural environment and to promote sustainable ecosystem policies and practices.

At Charles River Watershed Association, we strive to:

  • Develop a sound, science-based understanding of interactions in the watershed.
  • Define long-term, cutting-edge solutions to watershed problems.
  • Promote sustainable watershed management practices with government agencies and private entities.
  • Advocate for the protection, revitalization, and expansion of public parklands along the Charles.


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