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Stormwater Utility Guidance Documents

Public Education Resources

Stormwater Pollution Found in Your Area ! Sample Door Hanger

Many Things You Put On Your Yard Wind Up In Our Lake. Sample Ad

Lawn Today, Here Tomorrow. Sample Ad

An Introduction to Vermont’s First Stormwater Utility. Sample Brochure.

Report to the Board of Selectmen on the Development of a Stormwater Mitigation Enterprise Fund, Reading, MA. Sample report to municipal officials.

FAQs on Stormwater Fee, Newton, MA . Sample FAQs

Stormwater Enterprise Fund Frequently Asked Questions, Reading, MA. Sample FAQs.

Stormwater Utility Frequently Asked Questions, Bettendorf, IA . Sample FAQs

City of Washington, North Carolina Stormwater Utility Frequently Asked Questions. Sample FAQs

Stormwater Utility Fee- Frequently Asked Questions, Rochester, MN. Sample FAQs

Lewiston, Maine: Stormwater Fee Calculator. Sample Rate Calculation Materials 

Flowchart for 2007 Billing Year Stormwater Utility Fee, Orlando, FL. Sample Rate Calculation Materials

South Burlington Stormwater Utility. Sample Public Presentation.

Model Stormwater Bylaws


Resource Lists

Resource List for Stormwater Management Programs

Stormwater in Construction and Development: Resources, Massachusetts Editi  

An Annotated Bibliography of Stormwater Finance Resources


Municipal Stormwater Funding  

Guidance for Municipal Stormwater Funding

Funding Phase II Stormwater Programs


Stormwater Utility Development and Implementation

Five Phases in Developing and Implementing a Stormwater Utility

Stormwater Utility Development and Implementation

Stormwater Utility Fees: Considerations and Options for Interlocal Stormwater Working Group (ISWG)  

Managing and Funding Local Government Stormwater Enterprises: Fee Options and Calculation Procedures

Managing Stormwater Utilities for Results

Stormwater Funding Options

Stormwater Utility, City of Bettendorf

Municipal Financing Mechanisms for Stormwater Management.

How to Create a Stormwater Utility (or Stormwater Management Program)


Stormwater Utility Fees and Rate Structure

Designing Stormwater User Fees; Issues and Options

Busco, D. and Lindsey, G., 2001.  Stormwater - The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals, 2(6).

Developing Equitable Stormwater Fees

Hoag, G., 2004.  Stormwater 5(1)

Stormwater Utility Fee Structure Examples


GIS and Other Tools to Develop Stormwater Utilities

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Use in Stormwater Utility Assessment: An Overview of Tampa, Florida’s Utility Assessment

Stormwater Utility Implementation Using GIS

Using GIS Technology in the Development and Maintenance of a Stormwater Utility

Methods for Measuring and Estimating Impervious Surface Coverage

Do it Yourself! Impervious Surface Buildout Analysis

Developing a Database to Support a Stormwater Utility


Gaining Public Acceptance of the Stormwater Utility

Public Involvement and Education: The Critical Elements to the Success of Stormwater Utilities.

Stormwater Utilities: Where Do They Stand Now?


For more information on stormwater utilities, visit:

Assessment of Stormwater Financing Mechanisms in New England: Final Case Study Report