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Low Impact Development
Stormwater Best Management Practices

CRWA is building a database of information on techniques and methods used to manage stormwater.  One area where CRWA has been focusing a great deal of our research is on low impact development (LID) stormwater best management practices (BMPs) which capture and treat stormwater prior to its entry into local surface waterways.  The conveyance of untreated stormwater into the Charles River and its tributaries continues to cause regular water quality violation throughout the watershed.  CRWA is advocating communities and private developers throughout the watershed to look for every opportunity to capture, treat and infiltrate stormwater runoff prior to discharging it to the Charles, many of these techniques are designed to do just that!

To inform municipal officials, developers and watershed residents of some of the LID BMP technologies which may be appropriate for use in the Charles River watershed, CRWA has compiled a set of information sheets on select LID BMPs.  Click on the link below to download the latest PDF versions of these documents:

If you have any questions or comments on these information sheets, please contact Julie Wood