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Less than 2,000 feet from the banks of the Charles River, Edenfield Avenue in Watertown is an excellent location for a demonstration green street. A green street incorporates green infrastructure systems that utilize plants and soil to cool, treat and infiltrate stormwater runoff, along a roadway.The green street will reduce pollution to the Charles River while beautifying the neighborhood and improving the pedestrian and driving experience. 

As a densely developed community, Watertown has a high level of impervious surfaces, including buildings, parking lots and 74 miles of roads. Polluted stormwater runoff from these surfaces flows directly into the Charles River degrading water quality and aquatic habitat. As Watertown experiences rapid redevelopment and changing precipitation patterns driven by climate change, better management of stormwater is needed to protect the river. The Edenfield Avenue Green Street Demonstration Project will showcase green infrastructure techniques for managing stormwater and will serve as a model for Watertown and other municipalities.  

This project will incorporate green infrastructure to treat and prevent stormwater pollution into the Town's planned roadway improvements for Edenfield Avenue. Tree trenches and bioswales with native plants will help filter stormwater and prevent pollution, such as phosphorus and bacteria, from entering the Charles River. This project is currently under construction.

This project is a partnership between Charles River Watershed Association and the Town of Watertown Department of Public Works. The Watertown Stormwater Advisory Committee (SAC) will assist with education and outreach at Watertown events and in the local schools. Resources from this project will be made available for use in other Watertown neighborhoods and other Charles River towns. 

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This project has been financed with Federal Funds from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection under an s. 319 competitive grant. The contents do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of EPA or of the Department, nor does the mention of trade names or commercial produced constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.

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