Everett Street Pilot - Charles River Watershed Association
  • Everett Street Pilot - Blue Cities Initiative
  • Everett Street Pilot - Blue Cities Initiative
  • Everett Street Pilot - Blue Cities Initiative
Allston-Brighton, MA

Project Partners
Charles River Watershed Association
German International School of Boston
St. Anthony of Padua
Allston-Brighton Community Development Corporation

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Project Overview

Everett Street is located within the Allston-Brighton neighborhood of Boston, which is bordered by the Charles River on three sides.  Allston-Brighton was formerly an agrarian area but today consists of a middle-class, urbanized area occupied largely by a mix of dense residential neighborhoods, small businesses and large institutions. Due to the extensive paving of commercial and residential lots in the study area over time, the stormwater runoff volume and pollutant loads have dramatically increased at the Charles River outfall at Telford Street. Additionally, the lack of adequate tree canopy cover and narrow sidewalks along Everett Street has made the corridor unfriendly for pedestrians.

Owned by St. Anthony of Padua Church, the site is a primarily residential section of Everett Street between Holton and Brentwood Streets and consists of a school building leased by the German International School of Boston. This site was chosen primarily because it presented opportunities to transform a dreary asphalt parking lot into a thriving community space, while incorporating green infrastructure practices.

The project was implemented in two phases and involved replacing approximately 2,500 square feet of asphalt next to the school building. The first phase involved installing a rain garden, permeable pavers, and a stormwater tree pit along with seven new trees along Everett Street. In the second phase of the project, a rain garden trench was installed along the corner of Everett and Brentwood Street to treat runoff from the school parking lot, before it flows into the Charles River. The project now offers an attractive landscape that creates a new green space for the community, while providing shade, reducing summer temperatures, improving air quality, and treating polluted runoff.

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