Mace Apartments - Charles River Watershed Association
  • Mace Apartments - CRWA's Blue Cities Initiative
  • Mace Apartments - CRWA's Blue Cities Initiative
  • Mace Apartments - CRWA's Blue Cities Initiative
Mill Hill, Chelsea, MA

Project Partners
Charles River Watershed Association

City of Chelsea, MA
Chelsea Collaborative
Chelsea Housing Authority

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Project Overview

The Mill Hill neighborhood sits on a small neck of land bounded by Chelsea Creek and Mill Creek, and like other Chelsea neighborhoods, consists mostly of residential buildings interspersed with industrial and commercial development. Even though the neighborhood sits adjacent to the Mill and Chelsea Creeks, continual pollution in the tidal water bodies has resulted in development turning its back overtime to these neglected resources.

Both Mill Creek and Chelsea Creek are classified as a Category 5 (threatened for one or more uses) on the Massachusetts 303(d) Impaired Waterways List. Given the high amounts of impervious pavement in the area, stormwater runoff is a major contributor to pollution levels in both creeks.

The Mace Apartment Complex is located adjacent to Mill Creek, at the intersection of Clinton Street, Mill Court, and Crescent Avenue. The complex is owned and managed by the Chelsea Housing Authority, and the residents are primarily low income Hispanic, Latino and Somali immigrants

The project site was selected due to its proximity to Mill Creek and its location at the end of a separated drainage area, which offers the opportunity to treat stormwater runoff before it flows into the creek. The project involved retrofitting the Mace Apartments parking lot with a system of rain gardens and planters that use soil and plants to filter polluted runoff from Crescent Street and the complex parking lot before it enters Mill Creek. In addition, the project provides a greener and more pleasant open space for neighborhood residents.

This project was made possible through a generous grant from the Massachusetts Environmental Trust.

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