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Conserving water resources is important for our communities and the Charles River. Water conservation is especially important during droughts, like the one that affected our area in 2016, when water supplies become stressed. Water shortages not only impact our communities, they also harm the Charles River. The more water cities and towns need to pump to meet the demand of their residents, the less groundwater makes its way into the Charles River, taking habitat away from fish and wildlife. Low water levels also concentrate existing pollution and increase the risk for cyanobacteria blooms.

Dedham-Westwood Customer Portal 

To help residents save water, CRWA is partnering with Dedham-Westwood Water District to provide an app for homeowners to track usage and conserve water. The free Dropcountr app allows residents of Dedham and Westwood to track their monthly water use, compare it to similar households, connect with utility alerts and rebates, and receive direct support. Dropcountr is available for customers of Dedham-Westwood Water Utility as an app on Android and Apple phones and on the web. In our second year of the project, CRWA is now working with Dropcountr to create a survey to evaluate how effectively Dropcountr users manage their household water use.

Track Your Usage

Ever wonder how much water you’re using compared to months or years prior? Dropcountr helps you keep track of your water and compares usage to past years. 

Set Goals

Setting goals and measuring performance is the best way to cut your water use. Dropcountr helps you set goals based on historical usage, similar homes, and efficiency standards.

Collect Rebates

Dedham-Westwood Water District offers rebates and incentives for conservation appliances and technology. Dropcountr is your one-stop destination for staying on top of tips and rebates.

Sign Up Today

Dedham and Westwood residents can set up a free Dropcountr account today by downloading the app from the Apple or Android App Store, or signing up online.You will need your name and account number as it appears on your Dedham-Westwood Water District bill.

The Dropcountr Web Portal
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The Dropcountr program is made available to Westwood and Dedham residents as part of a pilot project funded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection under Water Management Act regulations. The project is a cooperative effort of the Dedham-Westwood Water District, Charles River Watershed Association and the Neponset River Watershed Association.

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