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Project Overview

This classroom learning app developed by Charles River Watershed Association and Aecern integrates into lessons on water, life sciences and the environment for use in grades 4-10. The app gives students a taste of field work as they collect data and use it to make mock policy recommendations.

The app supports two series of lessons. In the first series, students take water quality measurements to assess how well a stream or river can support native fish populations. In the second series, students analyze publicly-available land use data for their school grounds to determine how their school property affects local water quality. The lessons offer the flexibility to use the app for a one-day activity or an entire unit, with varying amounts of time spent in the field and a range of sophistication in field equipment.

Teachers can create free accounts for their classes at,  which will allow them and their students to view and analyze the data they collect at a later time. Teachers may also contact Elisabeth Cianciola to request one of the 8 free accounts that are linked to CRWA, which would allow them to share data directly with other classes that are using the app.

Getting Started with the App

Step 1 

Download the Watershed Scientist App from Google Play or iTunes

Step 2

Create a free Aecern account for your class


Contact Elisabeth Cianciola to request an account linked to CRWA, which will allow you to share data directly with other classes that are using the app.

Step 3

Log in to Aecern with your account information and teacher pin to review available resources.
Hint: search for CRWA in the Community Resource section. 

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