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Public Service Announcement Video Contest 

CRWA partnered with King Philip Regional High School and the Town of Wrentham to hold a stormwater pollution public service announcement (PSA) video contest for the students at King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham. Students were asked to make a short video about ways homeowners can contribute to protecting the Charles River and reduce the amount of stormwater runoff produced.

Four student groups were awarded prizes. Emma Durant, was awarded first place for her informative mitigation techniques. Second place was awarded to Jaron May, Erica Layne, Meghan Pier, and Kaleigh McNamara for their innovative presentation on how to protect the Charles. Blair Cloutier and Shannon Ward were awarded third place for their poetic approach and Maggie Smith and Sarah Durno received honorable mention.

This is part of an effort funded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) to produce effective and relevant outreach material for Town of Wrentham residents on the role they can play in effective stormwater management. Local waterways and drinking water sources are stressed by traditional development and land use practices. Stormwater runoff is a particular concern as it is the number one source of pollution to waterways in Massachusetts and across the country. Stormwater runnoff is produced when rain comes into contact with impervious surfaces collecting pollutants only to deposit them in nearby streams, rivers, and lakes.

CRWA would like to thank all the contestants and staff from the King Philip Regional High School for their participation, the Town of Wrentham for collaborating with us, and Columbia Sportswear and Uno’s for their generous donation of prizes. This project was funded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.


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