Our Work - Charles River Watershed Association

CRWA uses science, advocacy, the law, and the help of our grassroots membership to protect and restore the Charles River and the health of the watershed. Operations are led by an Executive Director, and our experienced staff includes an attorney, hydrologist, engineer and modeler, urban restoration specialist, and two environmental scientists.  

CRWA uses its science-based understanding of the watershed to define effective, long-term solutions to the river's problems, and to promote cutting-edge, sustainable water management practices.  

Our work falls into six broad program categories: 

  • Watershed Science and Analysis: Understanding the river, its environs and impacts to it.
  • Regulation and Policy: Using our scientific understanding to improve environmental regulations, policies and permitting.
  • Land Use and Sprawl: Restoring water resources through land use planning, green infrastructure, and low impact development techniques.

  • River Restoration: Watershed protection efforts, improving water quality and quantity, and restoring native fisheries.

  • Parkland and Open Space: Protecting parks and open space while promoting professional management and stewardship.

  • Education and Public Involvement: CRWA continues to be involved in every major environmental issue affecting the Charles and frequently serves as the leading voice on statewide water resource issues.  

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