Project Overview - Charles River Watershed Association
At Charles River Watershed Association, our scientists use the Charles River as a laboratory to develop long-term, cutting-edge solutions to watershed problems.

The Challenge

Across the United States, rivers are stressed, water supplies are running dry, and water infrastructure is crumbling. A changing climate means these problems loom even larger. Conventional solutions are expensive and often solve one problem while creating another. To keep our cities’ water infrastructure functional, and to save our urban rivers, we need real change, not just bigger pipes and more reservoirs.

Emerging Solutions

CRWA has developed several key, interconnected programs to explore, test and implement change. Focused on seemingly diverse elements like innovative wastewater treatment, public stormwater parks, and fish health, CRWA’s programs develop solutions that use the city’s built environment and existing infrastructure in new ways; measure the outcomes; and share what we learn.

Since 1995, CRWA’s analyses and demonstration projects have changed what we thought we knew about how water works. We have measured results through our field programs, modeled outcomes with our research projects, and created change with scientifically-based advocacy. What we have learned is counter to a lot of common understanding:  we have enough water to meet our needs; we can have a clean river in the middle of a city; we can leverage environmental investments to create safer, healthier neighborhoods. 

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