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CRWA is working with international communities to set goals and prioritize river restoration efforts by training teachers, students and local residents in water quality monitoring and data management.

Partnering for River Restoration

River restoration efforts are underway across the world, as people are recognizing the health, economic and quality of life benefits of clean rivers. For many rivers, especially those in cities, restoration can seem like an impossible task. Urbanization, pollution, water withdrawals, dams and channel modifications have made many urban rivers seem like little more than sewers. Yet many of the world’s most challenging river restoration projects have been remarkably successful, and the Charles River, once the scourge of Boston, is now the cleanest urban river in the United States.

Recognizing the value of sharing best practices, training and collaboration to rivers around the world, the International River Foundation developed its Twinning Program, an initiative that supports mentoring partnerships across the globe to restore rivers. As the winner of the IRF’s Thiess International Riverprize for the Charles River, CRWA has developed a Twinning partnership in the Dominican Republic to build upon CRWA’s existing outreach and education programs, and support local efforts in the Dominican Republic to restore an urban river in a key area of economic and environmental importance. 

CRWA has partnered with The Nature Conservancy and the National Environmental School in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic, to develop a restoration plan for the Arroyo Yerba Buena River. As part of this project, CRWA is working with partner organizations to develop a River Restoration Council to set goals and prioritize restoration efforts; train teachers, students and local residents in monitoring and data management; and implement and monitor demonstration projects.

Using our experience in the Dominican Republic as a guide, CRWA plans to expand our international partnership program to other watersheds as our project in the Dominican Republic is completed.

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