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December 9, 2019


CRWA Forms Regional Climate Action Coalition

December 4, 2019


CRWA Brings Philanthropic Couples Together to Protect & Support a Healthy River Ecosystem

December 2, 2019


Allston/Harvard drain plan poses challenge

November 20, 2019


MassDOT Allston Plans Would Plant a Highway Over the Charles River

November 8, 2019


Fed Review of I-90 project begins with a blackout

October 31, 2019


Charles River advocates not on board with Soldier's Field bypass

October 10, 2019


Bringing nature back into our environment

October 2, 2019


CRWA Announces $10M "Campaign for the Charles"

September 30, 2019


Charles River Watershed Association Welcomes New General Counsel

August  15, 2019


What Massachusetts dog owners should know about the toxic algae that's killing pets

August 8, 2019


After a Giant Algae Bloom, the Charles River is Back to Normal

August 1, 2019


Myriad dead fish have shown up at the Charles River Dam. Could summer heat be the culprit?

August 1, 2019


Take Me to the River: Boston's Run of the Charles (pg. 40)

July 26, 2019


Summertime, And Toxic Algae is Blooming: Here's What You Need to Know

July 26, 2019


People urged to avoid contact with water in Charles River because of toxic algae

July 25, 2019


Beware: A Public Health Advisory Has Been Issued for the Charles River

July 25, 2019


Blue-Green Algae Detected in Charles River Near Boston University Bridge

July 8, 2019


How to resurrect a river

July 3, 2019


LETTER: Climate change magnifies dip in Charles River's water quality

June 13, 2019


Powerful business group adds climate change to its priorities

June 13, 2019


The Charles River's EPA grade just sank from an A-minus to a B

June 12, 2019


Charles River Report Card Drops From A- to B. What Happened To Water Quality In 2018?

June 12, 2019


Charles River water quality earns a "B" for bacterial sampling conducted in 2018

May 2, 2019


Boston's Charles River: Love that un-dirty water

April 30, 2019


CRWA Announces New Hires and Promotions

April 30, 2019


CRWA Executive Director, Emily Norton, praises incoming Secretary of Energy and Environment Kathleen Theoharides

April 30, 2019


Charles River Watershed Association’s 20th Annual Earth Day Charles River Cleanup a Success

April 29, 2019


Fun Finish for Local and International Paddlers in the 37th Annual Run of the Charles

March 29, 2019


CRWA Honored MassDOT Secretary Stephanie Pollack at Annual Meeting March 28

March 21, 2019


Two Nationally-Recognized Massachusetts River Cleanups Call for an End to Trashed Rivers

March 6, 2019


Cities Don't Always Tell You When There's Sewage in the River. A New Bill Would Change That.

March 4, 2019


Letters to the Editor: State must have independent revenue sources for investing in both reducing fossil fuel use and climate resilience

January 10, 2019


CRWA Applauds MassDOT Decision on I-90 Project Design

December 30, 2018

  Developing Widett Circle is Short-sighted: We Should Instead use the Area to Bolster Climate Resilience

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